FHS child thinks being bullied is normal

One of our members reports that their child was bullied throughout Nursery and Primary School. The child had a formal diagnosis of Floating Harbor Syndrome at the age of 4, yet teachers would punish the child for not listening in class or not responding appropriately to instructions. The child in question also has an intellectual disability, a diagnosis of ADHD, amongst other complex needs –  specialised support was denied to the child throughout their schooling. Floating Harbor Syndrome was laughed at by professionals, all because of its name! Children threatened the child, verbally and emotionally bullied the child, and sadly, they were hit physically by other children in the playground and on the journey home. The child could not express their feelings to anyone for years, as they have social communication issues alongside their Learning Disability. The schools could not do anything, as the child was unable to recognise the people responsible, therefore washed their hands of the problems that continued for 8 years.

This all happened in mainstream education in Scotland.

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